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Niska CarpentryMy name is Danny Tourville, and I am a proud member of Moose Cree First Nation located in Moose Factory, Ontario. I currently live on the unceded territory of the Sto:lo country.

I grew up in Moose Factory, where most of my family still resides. My father was a carpenter/contractor and my mother stayed home to care for us. He was my main inspiration in pursuing carpentry/construction as a vocation and worked across Canada in the construction trade, with most of it happening in and around the James Bay area.

During his years in the trade, my father noticed how subpar the building standards were on many reserves that he worked on. He always did his best to make sure that whatever project he was a part of would be his best. I was inspired to learn the trade so that I as well, would be able to offer building services that would excel in quality for projects that I would be a part of, especially on reserve.

I began my career building various residential homes in British Columbia in the late 2000s, where I earned my Red Seal in Carpentry, and I decided to move back to Moose Factory with my wife to take a teaching job at a local high school to administer their trades program. Whilst this was a wonderful experience, my heart was in construction and therefore, I left the teaching job and began my own construction company called Tentmaker Construction where I built 3 homes, and renovated many others in the area. I was realizing my dream of providing a solution and the best building practices I could, for those I was serving.

My family and I then moved back to British Columbia, where my goal was to become a Residential Home Inspector to further bolster my skills and experience.

I truly appreciate the need for accredited Home Inspectors to work directly for First Nation Groups far and wide, and from my humble beginnings, I am now fortunate to have a thriving business of my own at Lá:Lém Building Inspections and Consulting!

My aim is to serve you and your Nation, in whatever capacity you see fit. It is ultimately the partnership with First Nation Groups that defines the progress, strength, and integrity that we all envisage.